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May 13th, 2010 @ 10:37AM - Greetings. :D
Final Fantasy Press is a inclusive daily newsletter for the Final Fantasy fandom. This is the shared posting journal for ff_press/[community profile] ff_press.

The newsletter staff no longer uses this journal to find news, as we have expanded to follow Livejournal as well as many other sites like Insanejournal, Dreamwidth, and Deviantart. Instead, we use Google Reader and RSS! The friends list here is an archive; nothing new will appear.

To see the websites, communities and fans we are currently following, visit http://www.delicious.com/ff_press/following. Alternately, you can visit the Look up an URL page, type in the default URL for a website or journal, and see if "Final Fantasy Press" is one of the accounts that follows it.

You can suggest sites for us to follow using our following recommendation form. We will only ever see public entries (RSS respects privacy settings).

To have a personal journal or site removed, just comment and let us know!

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